FIA ask to enhance the security in Banks against Cyber.


programmers, bringing about unlawful exchange of cash to various nations.

In any case, the managing an account segment guaranteed that there was no risk to the record holders’ cash as the banks would repay their cash in such case after due request.

The gatherings were led in the wake of late assaults on financial balances by the According to the FIA group, the ongoing flood of digital assaults indicated weakness of the framework and, subsequently, the banks were requested to update their IT security according to global models.

The banks asserted that they were satisfying the digital security criteria.

A senior authority of the FIA said that banks ought to have a “digital crisis reaction group” to act autonomously to counter such assaults, as different groups needed to get official consent to respond to any announced digital assault.

The bank recognized that a noteworthy sum had been exchanged from BankIslami by the programmers situated in 45 nations. The FIA requested the bank share information with the office so it could be sent to their accomplice organizations in the nations where the wrongdoing had started.


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