First Love Purest Thing in World

  • First love is the Purest thing may be…It is the most Purest thing you loved them unconditionally without any idea of being hurt.You gave them all of you and somehow forgot that how badly it could hurt you,later you had no idea about how badly it could rip you from head to toe.The Static you felt when they touched you, the Butterflies you felt in your stomach when they held your hands,the way they looked in your eyes made your Heart beat faster.The first feeling given by them was not less than Heaven .The first Rose given by them was Precious than anything but then there came a day too when everything fell apart the love, somehow just faded away the Butterflies turned into aches, the feelings you had towards them suffocated.The color of the red rose was hard to look at the nights when you cried over someone wondering what went wrong. The night when you realized that your whole world was temporary those were the days when you could do nothing but cry. Those were the days when you couldn’t sleep just because the thoughts of them.

   “They Say Follow Your Heart,But Which Piece Do You Follow If Your Heart Is           Broken Into Million Of Pieces” 

                                                                                                                SAHAR RIAZ                                                                                                                                                                                                           Copyright AA (AIK AWAAZ),2018



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