Teacher “Kidnapped” By BZU’s Students. Reason syllabus issue or eve-teasing?



MULTAN: Five BZU’s Student got arrested by police and recovered a professor of Bahauddin Zakariya University who was kidnapped by them in Multan.

Police rounded up the suspects with the help of surveillance camera footage and found weapons from their abduction place. BZU Forestry Department Assistant Professor Wasif Nauman was allegedly kidnapped by unidentified suspects outside the university gate.

The police got the video of the incident that showed Ass. Professor Mr Nauman’s car was interrupted by some boys . Police with the help of the university administration identified the suspects and found that  students were the member of a students organisation. They had some personal issue with the victim, a claim that could not be verified by the university yet.Is the university covering up the story ?

“Some students said they had issue on markings in exams, while the others said they had issue on the syllabus,” .


“Some students said that the lecturer was allegedly involved in teasing the department girls. A few members of the People’s Students Federation forbade him a couple of days back but the lecturer continued teasing the girls.”

Police did not come to any conclusion yet!!

is it syllabus issue or eve-teasing is the reason behind this kidnapping?

Be with us to get latest update.


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