Trump wants to meet with Prime Minister Pakistan ‘IMRAN KHAN’


United State’s President Donald Trump on Thursday expressed his desire to meet with Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan  ‘Soon’.

Nonetheless, he additionally blamed Islamabad for “Housing the enemies”.

Reportedly, his comments came when he was tending to a gathering with the cabinet members.

“When we offer cash to Pakistan, $1.3 billion, I finished that. Many individuals did not know it, since they have not been fair to us,” Trump said.

Besides, the US President underscored that his organization has started harmony converses with the Taliban.

In such manner, he reported that a meeting with the new authority of Pakistan will happen “soon”.

Prior, South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham, who is viewed as near President Trump, told that if Pakistan helped the US in conveying the Taliban to the table for transactions, at that point the US would concentrate on counter terrorism and the IS.

The Republican Senator needs the US to offer Pakistan an organized commerce assention as a motivating force for Islamabad to push the Taliban to the harmony table to end the Afghan war.

Only multi month prior, Trump had composed a letter to Khan, looking for Pakistan’s help with faltering Afghan harmony talks and support in conveying the Taliban to the arranging table to end the 17-year severe war in the neighborhood countries.



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