Valentines Day will be Celebrate as ‘Sister’s Day’: University of Agriculture Faisalabad

Valentines Day will be Celebrate as 'Sister's Day': University of Agriculture Faisalabad

The University of Agriculture Faisalabad has declared it will celebrate “Sister’s Day” instead of Valentines Day on 14th of February to “promote Islamic culture”, as per Vice Chancellor Zafar Iqbal Randhawa.

Female students of university can be gifted abayas and scarves as an gift during the celebration of Sisters Day on 14th February as chosen by the vice chancellor and other authorities of university.

The VC of university of agriculture Faisalabad said I don’t know whether his suggestion to observe Sister’s Day “would click or not”, but rather he trusted it will be good with Pakistan’s way of life and Islam.

Although a few Muslims have transformed Valentine’s Day into a threat, “My way of thinking is that “convert it into an opportunity, if there is an threat,” said by Randhawa.

He also said that Muslim womens face some conditions that identified with their clothing which direct that their body should not be uncovered. “Females are at a top rank for us,” he included.

He complained that “Today’s time the gender strengthening is here, Western culture is being advanced”. ” But the ideal gender strengthening and work division is in our culture and religion.”

He guaranteed that Celebration of Sister’s Day would permit “a delicate picture to build”, and that everyone will understand this is how much sisters are cherished in Pakistan.

“Is there anything greater than the love between brother and sister?” he questioned. “On Sister’s Day, it will be more noteworthy than the love among a couple.”

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14th February —  celebrated as Valentine’s day everywhere throughout the world — has been a subject of debate in Pakistan for quite a long time, drawing a blended reaction from citizens, with some celebrating and supporting it however others challenging it.

The Islamabad High Court in 2017 and 2018 “prohibited” all valentines festivities, print and electronic media were cautioned to “stop all Valentine’s Day advertisements quickly”.

Pemra (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority) had additionally been arranged to screen all mediums and convey warnings prohibiting any related valentine promotional activities.

“Valentine’s Day has no association with our way of life and it should be better to be stayed away from,” said by him.


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